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What will you learn in this workshop?

In this class you will experiment in the ink laboratory to create new color inks based on different materials, metallic pigments, paints, gouages, natural pigments, etc. In addition we will practice formulas to develop new variations of letters (based on typecooker, a generator of parameters to draw letters). Also you will practice exercises to have a better understanding of the technique, consistency and harmony in new variations as well as the control of tools and mediums.

Who is this workshop for?

This is a workshop for people with experience in any type of calligraphy with flexible pen, or who want to reinforce their knowledge. This workshop is aimed at all those who are interested in learning something new, adopt a hobby, designers or artists who wish to improve their skills, or simply enjoy a fun day and have a good time


How long is this workshop?

This workshop is 6 hours long

What does the workshop include?

Our workshops include all the material, and a certificate signed by hand and made in letterpress. In addition, our workshops include delicious food to keep the energy up!

This particular workshop includes the following list of materials
-1 pen
-2 nibs 

-Wooden inkwell base with 8 ink dips
-Various types of paints, pigments and inks.
-Semi-transparent white paper and black paper
-1 instructional booklet with exercises and examples
-Guideline sheets
-Cards and paper  

- A hand signed personalised certificate

Whats the program?

* Ink laboratory

-Instruments and materials
-Production of inks and tests

* Formulas for letters

-Exercise 1 - formulas of simple variations
-Exercise 2 -formulas of complex variations
-Documentation and reflection
-Exercise 3 - variations & applications

What is the pricing?

Our workshops have a price of $195.00 USD if the workshop is held in The United States Territory. In other countries, prices may vary. We also we have special prices if you would like to take more than one workshop..

How do I sign up?

You can go to the dates and tickets section and register for the date and city of your preference. At the end of the registration you will be given the option of making your payment with Paypal.

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