We currently have 5 different Calligraphy workshops so you can learn this wonderful art to the fullest;

 All our workshops have a duration of 6.5 hours, include all the material, which is yours to take home and continue to practice, as well as include food and a letterpress certificate signed by hand.


The regular price of our workshops is $ 195.00 (USD) if the workshop is taking place within The United States. Remember that we might have special prices if there are different workshops available and you want to take more than 1. 

Copperplate Calligraphy (intro)

Learn all the essentials and acquire a solid base to write copperplate style letters with the flexible nib. In this 6 -hour class you will learn the anatomy of the pen and how to use it correctly. You will also practice the basic strokes and the techniques to form both alphabets (lowercase and uppercase letters), which will give you full preparation to write fluently and create your own style. (* DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE)

Taller de Caligrafía / Calligraphy workshop
Caligrafía Moderna / Modern Calligraphy

Modern Calligraphy

Once you have learned the basics of traditional calligraphy and/or you just want to learn modern calligraphy, this workshop is for you. In this class several modern alphabets based on copperplate-style calligraphy will be presented. You will practice exercises to have a better understanding of the technique, the strokes, correct forms and proportions of the letters, as well as control of the tools, and different materials to expand the possibilities of your calligraphy. Plus, this workshops includes a botanical sketching chapter that will vary depending on the season. (* DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE)

Taller caligrafía acuarela

Flourishes and Watercolor

In this workshop you will learn how to decorate your letters, make compositions and balance your writing, and you will learn the main features and functions of the flourishes with exercises that will help you build a muscular memory. Flourishes are used to decorate your calligraphy harmoniously to give you a greater impact. You will also learn different techniques to use watercolor as a medium as well as masking liquid with the flexible nib.


Taller de Tintas Mexico

Ink and letters LAB

In this workshop you will experiment in the ink laboratory to create new colors based on different materials, metallic pigments, paints, gouages, and natural pigments, etc. In addition we will play with formulas to develop new variations of letters (based on typecooker, a generator of parameters to draw letters) You will practice exercises to have a better understanding of the technique, consistency and harmony in new variations as well as the control of tools and mediums. (* BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF CALLIGRAPHY REQUIRED)


Brush lettering - 50's Retro style

In this workshop you will learn the basic fundamentals of letter construction and acquire a solid base for writing calligraphy with brushes and markers. In addition you will practice the basic strokes and the techniques to form the script script inspired by the '50s of American lettering.