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Thank you for your interest in the free Calligraphy sessions for everyone! We have carried out these dynamics to promote staying at home in this situation that we are all going through. We remind you that these downloadable materials can be accompanied by the Instagram Live sessions that we will have every Monday and Wednesday at 11am. (CDT)

In these sessions you will learn from simple warm-up exercises to an understanding of the letters in a basic calligraphy style. It is a very good introduction to the world of calligraphy and you can follow the exercises with any tool you have at home, such as a pencil, fine-tipped nib, or a pen and nib as we use in our workshops.

Remember that if you want to learn the style of English Calligraphy or Copperplate we have our online workshop, which includes all the material that is sent to your door and 15 high-quality videos where we explain step by step and in detail.

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Also for quarantine we have a 15% discount on our workshop with the Coupon: QUEDATEENCASA   Click on the following link to learn more about the ONLINE WORKSHOP.

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Estos talleres están divididos en dos sesiones de 3 horas de 11am a 2pm en las fechas indicadas. Incluye una sesión personalizada de 15-20min para revisar tu práctica y dudas. Además, incluye todo el material que necesitas y que será enviado hasta tu casa (envío incluido a toda la república mexicana).

Y recuerda que ya tenemos a la venta nuestro Cuaderno de Práctica de Caligrafia Copperplate!!! Un cuaderno de más de 100 hojas de ejercicios para que puedas aprender, practicar, y perfeccionar el estilo de Caligrafía Copperplate o Inglesa Redonda! Tenemos un precio especial de lanzamiento no lo dejes pasar!

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