Super Activity Kit #StayHome

Super Activity Kit #StayHome

We prepare this Kit especially for people who already have a little experience and want to continue learning and carrying out projects that allow them to extend their skills and use of materials and tools.

The #StayAtHome Kit consists of a super package of many incredible materials, and 10 practical sessions with instructions and videos of 50 -70min each.

You will be able to see the weekly videos for each project on the Google Classroom platform, where you will be able to comment, carry out your projects and upload photos of your projects so if you finish all of them you have access to an extra project!

All the projects of the #StayEnCasa kit are already available and you can start as soon as you receive your material, remember that it is super important to stay at home at this time and we want you to have the best possible time!

The projects that we will do are the following:

1-Fun forms of baselines to write

2-Illustrated Capital Letter

3-Alphabet with Gis

4-Envelope Labeling

5-Greeting Cards

6-Art piece for Mother's Day

7-Floral Alphabet

8-Elaboration of Monogram and gift tags

9-Art project with Finetec (Metallic watercolor)

10-Decoration and assembly of pen holders

The #QuedateEnCasa kit includes the following materials:

- Access to live videos where we will guide the practice

- 10 downloadable materials to print and follow the practice

- 1 Tombow down

- 1 Fudenosuke or Pentel touch down

- Nikko G nib

- 1 brush

- 1 Sumi ink of 15ml

- 1 cotton watercolor texturing paper

- Envelopes for labeling

- 1 copy of floral alphabet printed in letterpress

- 10 sheets of cotton paper

- 5 black sheets with Kous guides

- 1 set of gift tags Also includes the following gift items!

- 1 Kous Wand straight sleeve, made of tropical wood

- 1 Finetec (German metallic watercolor)

- 2 Kous color inks

- Octo Kous inkwell

- Kous black paper notebook

- 1 pen holder

- White chalk pencil

The kit is available in the Mexican Republic and includes shipping